Ancestral Call Out to Help Protect Herbalaria from Corporate Bullying

This is not a blog...this is a war cry!  
My name is Lyn Pacificar. I am the co-founder of Herbalaria LLC with my husband, Gilbert Pacificar. This company was birthed through the ancestral calling to remember our plant medicine, our rituals, our pre-colonial animistic practices in relation to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. I am not just the CEO of a wellness company, but I am also a culture bearer, an albularyo of the diaspora in the Americas, doing the work, not only for the descendants living here in this land, but also for the healing of the relations between the lands and the people.
A threat is rising up against us. An attack on us is an attack on all our people, our ancestors, and all that we are trying to rebuild from what we lost so long ago. It is an attack on our medicine by big corporations like L'erbolario appropriating and taking without asking.
Herbalaria is the resistance against the oppressor, the colonizer energies that still run rampant through our society. But we absolutely cannot do this on our own. You see, no other company founded by an albularyo/katuuran exists at the level Herbalaria is vibing at. Our company poses a threat to L'erbolorio, a huge Italian cosmetics company seeking to destroy us! They want us to Cease and Desist using our name. To take down everything with our name on it. WE WILL NOT STAND DOWN!  WE NEED YOUR HELP! The USPTO (United States Patents and Trademarks Office) has sent a schedule of trials and discovery period (estimated to last until May 2021), which will cost us so much money...monies that will be taken from our family, from the medicine we make, and the energy needed to keep our company going. I realize there are many things to fight for, but this isn't about me or Gilbert. This is about all of you who identify with our culture, who identify with preserving traditions, who know the value of plant medicine. Can we afford to lose this battle, after so much has already been made extinct?
Here are some ways we need specific support:
1) We need a lawyer that is in alignment with preserving indigenous traditions. They also have to understand that we don't have all the money to pay for them, which is why we are seeking pro bono if possible. If not, we may have to fundraise for reasons I don't want to have to. I have NEVER asked for money from my community (i.e. GoFundMe or Indiegogo). I really do not want to have to resort to that.
2) Please support our company by buying our products! Every dollar helps to keep operations going (i.e. website, domains, emails, etc.), especially since we are primarily e-commerce.
3) You may write to L'erbolario about how they are NOT like us in any way. Their products and name are in no way the same as ours. Put pressure on their company and their lawyer to drop their case against us. Lawyer's name: Leo M Loughlin
4) Attend any events we may be having. We have two this month of December: a) Herbalaria Holiday Soiree on Dec. 7th from 2 to 8pm, held at the Herbalaria Home, and b) The Long Beach Filipino Festival on Dec. 15th.
5) Prayers and ritual...any way you access Highest Source, God, Goddess...please intend that we will prevail and be victorious.
PLEASE SHARE and forward this message. Help us get the word out. Thank you! 
Maraming salamat for reading this and for all the words of encouragement for us to continue our work. Blessings!

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