What is Wellness?

“Wellness is an integrated awareness in alignment with your higher self, higher purpose, and higher community.”


The year began with a resolution in making better choices reflecting my core values, and measuring them against my own integrity, keeping in mind the wellness of myself, my family, and my community. 


I’ve had group discussions with some friends of mine about wellness and how that term has been used to the point of dilution.  What does wellness and self-care mean?  It means looking at yourself honestly, and how you live your best life and your higher purpose—to which a lot of people say “I don’t know my purpose” or “I don’t know who I am.”  Sometimes looking from the outside in, you get a good perspective on that.  It’s not always about taking care of yourself that you find your purpose, it’s also taking care of others.  It’s possible that volunteering for organizations or just trying to help in some way to contribute to your community serves your higher purpose.  This introduces the concept of being “well together.”  I invite you to contemplate about what being well together means.  How does this relate to the core value and ideology of kapwa, meaning “togetherness,” a term coined by Virgilio Enriquez in Filipino Psychology?  If we ponder for a moment about how much of our Westernized world thinks, we think very separate and individualistic.  If we begin to see ourselves from the perspective of self-care and wellness, we can better serve others from a place of alignment and integration with our higher well-beingness.  To put it plainly, if you are sick and broken, we are sick and broken together.  If you are healthy and vibrant, we are healthy and vibrant together.  It is our responsibility to ourselves and each other to maintain the health of our local and global communities.  The act of being well is directly proportional and simultaneous to being in kapwa


With that said, change can be difficult.  You must be able to overcome old, outdated thoughtforms that hinder you from releasing habits or beliefs that keep you from being your healthiest self.  Contributing obstacles may also be inherited ancestral traumas or traumas inflicted upon you this lifetime.  These conditions manifest into toxic relationships, manipulation, codependency, depression, and myriad of other mental, physical and spiritual health issues—altogether translates to societal illnesses. Nonetheless, be honest with yourself.  All too often, people practice lying consciously or subconsciously to themselves about their own state of being.  Thus, they are dishonest to others, and do not exemplify integrity.  THIS is deep soul work—a journey you must, on your own accord, find meaning and wholeness.  It is with an open mind, heart and being that this work begins.  I define wellness as “an integrated awareness in alignment with your higher self, higher purpose, and higher community.”  It is constantly striven for, as it is an energy to be maintained and sustained in action.  But we are not perfect and falter.  It is through this voyage called “life” that we practice and embody the ideals and goals to becoming well together


As a community leader and healer, it is paramount to maintain a ritual of self-care.  Currently, I am on a spiritually powerful cleanse, requiring a strict vegan diet (no gluten, no nuts, no white rice!), eliminating many toxins and foods that clog the overall bodily systems and functions.  Every year, this has served me and my community well because it results in having clarity.  I have no more mind fog, my gut is healed, and I am stronger in serving as an integrated aligned being.  Communication is clearer and my focus is unwavering.  Extrapolate that into a culture and society where people are also practicing self-healing practices such as the cleanse I am employing.  There would be more harmony, clarity of purpose, and knowing how we can better serve each other’s highest good.  Let your actions, words, and beingness be the source of inspiration and good medicine that serves the higher community. 


To conclude, I want to leave you with a ritual in beginning the process of awareness and clarity.


Connecting with Your Inner Ancestor Ritual


Materials needed:

  • Dried guava leaves
  • Heat-resistant dish to burn guava leaves in
  • White candle
  • Anointing oil of your choice (I recommend Love Potion No. 10 or Moldavite Solstice Oil 2018)
  • Notebook and pen/pencil

Find a quiet sacred space to create.  This is best done in your home for consistency.  If you prefer outdoors or elsewhere, please be sure that this is a place you can return to in the future.  This is important as you continue to develop your relationship with your inner ancestor, though ancestors may be accessed from anywhere.



  • Place all objects before you and light the candle to begin the ritual.  Sit quietly to gather your energy and center yourself. 
  • Inhale eight deep long breaths, and exhale slowly through the mouth.
  • Begin to feel one with the earth below.  Focus on the candle before you and see the flame as your light.  Take the guava leaf and burn the tip until it begins to smolder and waft its smoke over you.  Make sure the guava leaf is placed safely onto a heat-resistant dish.  Continue doing this until you feel ready to move on to the next step.
  • Obtain the anointing oil and place a few drops into your hand.  Place your other hand over the drops of oil and intend for connection to your inner ancestor and for clarity.  Anoint yourself in this order and be sure you have enough oil to make it around your body: Crown chakra, third eye chakra, behind both ears, nape of the neck, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, root chakra (lower back just above your tailbone), wrists and palms.  If you feel called to anoint other parts, please do so.


Speak aloud:

  • I call upon Highest Source to help me connect to my Higher Self and to my Inner Ancestor.  I call upon Mother Earth and the Native Spirits of this land for support and permission to do this work.  May this space be a container of safety, protected by all my ancestors before me and all the angelic beings of light to guide me on my journey to wholeness and wellness.
  • Continue gazing upon the candle and visualizing the flame entering your body to burn away any obstacles, doubts, fears, pain, and traumas that you are willing to release.  Be sure to breathe out forcefully towards the sky what you are clearing out, and trust that you are in a safe and nurturing Universe to do this work.  Of course, always do what feels comfortable and right for you. 
  • When you feel the flame has done its work, imagine the flame returning to the candle.  Take a few moments feel present.  Now bring attention to your crown chakra and feel the light of Highest Source entering to fill your being with light in all the areas that were just cleansed.  Let this light infiltrate every part of you. 
  • Inhale four deep long breaths, and exhale slowly through the mouth. 
  • Sit quietly and begin to hear the thoughts within you that are messages from your inner ancestor.  As the thoughts start to flow, get your notebook or sketchpad and begin writing or drawing them down.  Take as much time as you need in this sacred space.  When you are done, gently place the book down and center yourself again in the present. 
  • Inhale two deep long breaths, and exhale slowly through the mouth. 
  • Give thanks to your higher self and inner ancestor for the guidance to clear and heal yourself.  You now have the messages needed at this time to move forward.
  • Burn guava leaf once to offer smoke in prayer and gratitude to the ancestors for their support.

Speak aloud:

  • I give thanks to Highest Source in helping me to connect to my higher self and inner ancestor.  I give thanks to Mother Earth, the Native Spirits of this land, all the ancestors, angelic beings and helpful spirits of light for maintaining the safety of this container of ceremony.  Thank you for your guidance on my journey to wholeness and wellness, for the greater good of all.  I release you all and this container of sacred time and space now.  And so it is.
  • Inhale one deep long breath, and slowly blow out the candle.


The ritual is finished.

I hope that this gift serves you well.  

Blessings and salamat,



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  • Maraming Salamat Kapwa,
    I have been ancestral connecting via meditation at my altar and giving atang also. But your protocol provides more guidance around releasing traumas etc , very grounding and respecting ancestors prior to visualization of purpose.. etc. I will implement these new protocols and also need to get moldavite , to further aid in intentional sincere connection .

    Nicole Mae

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