Spiritual Self-Defense Workshop

Spiritual Self-Defense Workshop

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Spiritual Self-Defense: Mga Turuan Ng Pagtatanggol Sa Sarili Espirituwal Kasamang Kaisug at Lakas Loob."

Translation: "Teachings of Spiritual Self-Defense with Courage and Inner Strength."

*Energy Exchange is $88.  Sorry no sliding scale...what I offer is the energy I am asking to receive in return.  Thank you for understanding the sacredness of this work.

*This intimate hearth gathering is LIMITED to 8 people.

*We will share personal stories, explore offense and defense tactics against psychic attacks in waking and dream states, tools for energetic clearing, and folk remedies for removing entities.  There's so much more, but we only have 3 hours. Please bring your own water and snacks.

*The next event will be held on Saturday, January 11th, 2020, and will expand upon this first gathering.