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Healing with Shamanic Art - Journey to the Ancestral Realm

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Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that predates all religion, philosophies, and cultural conditioning.  It takes into account living in harmony with all that exist in this realm and across all dimensions of time.  

Unlike traditional art classes, these are containers of safety and ceremony to connect with your inner world through the use of shamanic techniques that will help you shift your levels of consciousness in these ever rapidly changing times.  With great destruction, comes great creation and the ushering in of a new world and way of living life.  

Have you ever wondered about who your Ancestors were or wanted to connect with the ones you know who have crossed over?

Do you seek deeper meaning into what ancestral healing means?

Do you have questions that you know only your Ancestors can answer?

Then “Journeying to the Ancestral Realm” is the session for you.

The objectives of this container of space and time are:

  1.  Travel to the Ancestral Realm with protection and guidance
  2.  Meeting Ancestral guides  
  3.  Receive wisdom and/or answers from healed Ancestors

We will accomplish this by:

  1. Spirit journeying through drumming and guided meditation
  2. Journaling, drawing in sketchbooks (or whatever you have access to), and making shamanic tools
  3. Working with the four directions, elements, animal and plant spirits

If your Spirit feels called to do this deep transformational and healing work, then this is the right container for you.

This is just for ONE class session. It will NOT be recorded and ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED.  This journey requires more than 48 hours of advanced preparation prior to session.  Please read instructions carefully.  Salamat!

Register today!

*Please include your EMAIL upon checkout so that we can send you the protocols and materials needed. 

Session date: SATURDAY, JULY 25, via Zoom. 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST. 

Blessings to you and your Ancestors!