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2019 Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil

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Intention: Creativity as Medicine, Source of Prosperity and Fulfillment of Higher Purpose 

Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil is a potion created once a year, in ceremony, at the time of Summer Solstice.  The elixir is infused with the powerful essences of Moldavite, various crystal essences with specific intentions, ancestral medicine of guava leaves, white sage, ritual and reiki energy.  Moldavite amplifies the metaphysical properties of the other stones and crystals associated with it.

This oil is intended to:

  • Strengthen aura against energetic infiltration
  • Harmonize energy centers and meridians
  • Cut chords of old romantic love energies
  • Remove stress from the body
  • Protect from psychic attacks 
  • Stimulate creativity and new ideas
  • Attract wealth and prosperity
  • Remove energy blockages
  • Help one gain access to ancient wisdom
  • Chakra activation and clearing
  • Motivate success in career or business
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Stimulate Kundalini energy
  • Enhance spiritual awareness 
  • Facilitate healing of traumas, past lives, and wounding from psychic attacks 

Year 2019 Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil ceremony began on June 21st at 8:50 am PST, and ended on the Corn Moon in Pisces on August 15.

 Ingredients: Love, Ancestral Ritual, Grapeseed Oil, Guava Leaves (Psidium Guajava)*, White Sage (Salvia Apiana)*

Crystal Essences of: Moldavite, Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Obsidian, Tourmaline Quartz, Aventurine, Lemurian Quartz, Tibetan Double Terminated Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Tangerine Quartz.

 Includes: Velvet Pouch & Instructions.

*All plants are organically, ceremoniously grown and harvested from our own land.  

**Crystals have been charged on sacred land in a Medicine Wheel built by Lyn Pacificar, with permission, on private property.



Place a few drops into your hand and speak out your intentions.  Release these intentions into the Universe and begin anointing yourself with the oil.  Locations of anointing: Crown chakra (top of head), third eye chakra (on forehead right above brow bone), behind both ears, nape of your neck (back of your neck at base of the skull), throat chakra, heart chakra (chest area), solar plexus chakra (abdominal area), sacral chakra (below your navel), root chakra (lower back at base of spine), wrists, and finally your palms.  You may also anoint your feet and anywhere else you feel called to bring attention to.

Use this oil to anoint yourself before meditation, going to work, or for specific prayer intentions.  It may also be used to anoint objects like crystals, candles, copies of applications that you want to see approved, and so on.  Of course, you must co-create with the Universe and put effort into seeing an intention through.  If what you intend is not for the highest good of yourself and others, it may not materialize to your expectations.  Individual results will vary. 

*We recommend Love Potion No. 10 in addition to using the Moldavite Solstice Oil.  Adding Love Potion No. 10 will give an extra shift in energy to positive outcomes with self and with smooth out any results that come about regarding your intentions.  Sometimes using the Moldavite Solstice Oil might be too intense for the user in how they experience these results. Love Potion No. 10 will help the user feel more comfortable with changes and transitions.

SUPPLY:  LIMITED  (Once sold out, this product will no longer be available) 

0.5 FL. OZ. (15 ML)