Spiritual Story Teller

Sapphire Sandalo


Sapphire Sandalo is the creator and host of Stories With Sapphire, a podcast where she shares her personal exploration of paranormal phenomena and Filipino spirituality, through stories, interviews, and poems. She was connected with Lyn while looking for guests for her show, and fell in love with Herbalaria's mission. She keeps a bottle of HA on her desk at home so her breaks can be extra soothing, which is even more necessary now during quarantine. Sapphire is proud to be part of such an amazing and healing community!

ACE LAB Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where LGBTQIA+ identifying Asians and our allies can freely express, create and connect with one another. We believe in a holistic approach to life and provide alternative ways to care for our mental wellness. This includes de-stigmatizing cannabis by using it in our self-care practices, and highlighting the positive effects that it offers when combined with meditation and proper guidance.
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