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Bayabas bundles are Ancestral tools for cleansing and connection.

All bundles are created by Apprentice Soraya Pacificar.  She harvests every plant with great care and attention.  Before beginning the time-intensive process of creating the bundles, Soraya grounds in Mother Earth and is fully present to commence ritual.  She lovingly infuses crystal vibrational energy and specific intentions into each bundle.



For inviting happiness and Ancestral healing.

These are made with organically grown Ecuadorian roses, sunflower, daisies, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, sage, and guava leaves.



For self-love rituals, attracting love and removing obstacles to experiencing authentic love.

We recommend using Love Potion No.10 along with the Love Bundle.

Love Bundles are made with most of the ingredients as the Rainbow Bayabas Bundles, except do not contain calendula.



For cleansing, restoring, and uplifting you and your environment.



All bundles must be fully dried, either by hanging upside down or waiting until it is dried out completely.

Burn at the tip, and waft where necessary.  Maintain caution for any falling embers.  Place on heat-resistant dish or container.



*All bundles are made to order.  May take up to 3 days to ship. 

*Quantities are very limited.  Because these are plants, size and shape will vary from bundle to bundle. String color and plant colors may also differ from photo.  We may occasionally change the plants used in the bundle.

Mama Guava is also seasonal.  Thank you for your patience with Her, and the rituals involved to creating these powerful tools. 

Price is for 1 Smudge Bundle.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Katrina C.

I've been purchasing these smudge bundles for a little over a year now and they've become a staple to my cleansing and healing rituals. They last a LONG time and you can definitely feel the care and thought that was put into growing, harvesting, and making these.

Tiffany P.

So so happy with my smudge bundle from Soraya! Met her at FPAC 2023 & just hungout with her for AN HOUR at the Herbalaria tent! Learned alot about the intentional process for their products. I've never worked with a guava leaf smudge bundle before, so I asked her which of the bundles she showed was her favorite. This one represents 'new beginnings,' which perfectly fit divine timing. I've been integrating Soraya's lovingly-made bundle into my current deep cleaning season at home. So so much love!

Montana H.

So beautifully made and looks exactly as pictured, grateful to have access to this medicine

Thank you for your kind words! We're happy to hear that you find our product beautifully made and as pictured. May the bundles continue to serve you and your ancestors. Maraming salamat!

William Ace C.

Herbalaria's Bayabas bundles are such a divine gift. It's become an integral part of my ritual and whenever I'm in need of cleansing. I also bring these with me when I travel to help anoint and acknowledge the energies that occupy the spaces and places I'm visiting. The whole pamilya that is Herbalaria are such a powerful force and I'm so grateful my cousin connected us.

Thank you for this beautiful message of love and we are so grateful for you being in our lives. Maraming salamat to you and your Ancestors!

raina l.

My partner ordered the original guava leaf smudge bundle and the love bundle during a time that was very heavy for the both of us. We used the OG guava smudge for general energy cleansing, and we used the love bundle specifically for our relationship with each other. Both bundles exceeded our expectations! Definitely not just "worth the hype," but rather, these bundles are very potent and are effective. They're straight to the point, no BS, and you can feel the difference! Thank you to Manang Lyn and Soraya for providing us with this medicine. The most potent and effective medicine comes from your own people!