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Our moisturizing Calamansi Lip Balm is:


-Highly nourishing, with oils of coconut, avocado, castor and vitamin E

-Made with emollient mango butter, organic beeswax, and home-grown heirloom calamansi essential oil 

-Nostalgic of our most beloved Filipino citrus fruit

-Uplifting and soothing 

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Heirloom Calamansi Essential Oil, Mica, Vitamin E.

History of Our Heirloom Calamansi Tree, Nang Mansi

Introducing to the Herbalaria Pamilya - Nang Mansi - our heirloom calamansi tree that has been in our family for three generations. 

Nang Mansi was planted by our Lola Esther in the early 80’s at the Pacificar home in Covina, California.  From a small plant, she grew to become the Mama plant of the Pacificar garden because of the importance of her fruit in our culture.  As a child, every morning Herbalaria Co-Founder, Gilbert, would watch his Lola looking out the window, admiring the calamansi tree, and enjoying her daily morning ritual of a buttered pandesal and coffee. 

Lola Esther was incredibly proud of her tree and the bountiful calamansi fruit Nang Mansi would bear.  When family and friends would visit the home, Lola Esther would always gift our guests with Nang Mansi’s fruits to take home to accompany their favorite Filipino dish.  To many, it became a tradition to be gifted calamansi fruit when visiting the Pacificar home. 

Nang Mansi was cared for by Lola Esther until her passing from cancer in 1988.  To honor Lola Esther’s memory,  Aunty Tessing took over the care of Nang Mansi and continued the tradition of gifting Nang Mansi’s fruits for many years.  

In the Fall of 2011, Gilbert and Lyn moved to East Hollywood and rehomed Nang Mansi to the Herbalaria garden, where she is cared for with much love and respect. We honor and carry on Lola Esther’s tradition of gifting Nang Mansi’s calamansi fruit to family and friends. 

Customer Reviews

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Jamee A.

Keeps my lips super moisturized and smells great! What a wonderful balm to gift myself and gift to others :)

Glad you love the lip balm! Definitely stock up on it with the winter approaching :) Enjoy and thank you for your review!

Barbara W.

Smells great and feels

Great to know!!! It's one of our faves. :) Enjoy and thank you for sharing your experience.

Jalyn O.

My new favorite lip balm! Feels so moisturizing and nourishing. The calamansi smells downright scrumptious. Loved learning the history behind the heirloom tree as well <3

Happy to hear that we have a mutual favorite lip balm! Nang Mansi is a very important heirloom of our family and we are glad that she is loved by you through the Calamansi Lip Balm.