2021 Quantum Kamulikasan Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil

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The Quantum Kamulikasan Moldavite Manifestation Oil is an extremely rare, one-of-kind formulation that was made during the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (latitude 34.09230452886031, longitude -118.29641891767034), at exactly 8:31 pm on June 20th, 2021.  Its energies cannot be replicated because its creation is unique to the year, time, and location the container of ritual was opened. 

Use this potion wisely and with integrity.  It was tested over a year, which is why it was not made immediately available in 2021 after the release of the container until its effects were observed and studied.  

It is profound in its delivery of wisdom, healing, and manifested intentions.  It may be combined with Love Potion No. 10 to soften its effects which may come abruptly in various forms from the Universe.  Maintain an open mind and release all expectations.  Using this oil means that you are ready to release and receive.  May you reap all the benefits and magic that this ancestral formulation has in store for you.

Recommended uses:

Anointing yourself or another person

Water scrying with drops of oil in the water

Dressing candles

Enhancing petitions in fire rituals



Philippine Ancestral Land Sourced: Chromite, Serpentine, Black Tektite (Bato ng Bituin), Moss, Red Coral*, Black Coral*.

Grapeseed Oil, Guava Leaves, Crystal Alchemical Essences of:

Moldavite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Lemurian Quartz, Tiger Eye, Green Calcite, Carnelian, Amethyst, Phantom Quartz, Double Terminated Herkimer Quartz Diamonds.

*This is not a vegan formulation. Black coral, a folk medicinal ingredient, is used in healing rituals for clearing entities, protecting against lower vibrational energies, detoxifying and strengthening the entire being.  It is traditionally used to protect against poisoning and warding off rheumatism.

*Red coral is for healing the blood, bringing action and movement to intentions, as well as bestowing good fortune and luck to all who ascribe to its medicinal and spiritual properties.

Customer Reviews

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2021 Quantum Kamulikasan Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil

Absolutely cosmic. Tried this oil only once and I had such vivid dreams (although I can’t remember the dreams/visions, I can feel them inside my body still). Been asking the ancestors how I can best use this oil going forward. I also recognize I have A LOT of fear to release. Perhaps this oil is already supporting this call of ascension. Maraming salamat, po Herbalaria para sa divine work in all you do. 🙏🏽🌿

Maria A.

Powerful. Full of love and ancestral wisdom. Needed for my physical, spiritual toolkit. Thank you Manang Lyn for sharing your medicine with us.

Lisa C.

So amazing to work with. This is the most powerful medicine that Herbalaria has created yet!! I have worked with the past Moldivite offerings and this is just so magical.

Unlike the previous ones, there is a gentle warmth from just a few drops. It’s vibration profile is subtle but holds frequencies in a glorious fashion. I am looking to do more with this over the next few weeks. Salamat Herbalaria for expanding my ancestral knowledge!!

Thank you for sharing your powerful experience with us all and the awesome photo! Keep doing the amazing work you do and for trusting the magic & medicine of Herbalaria. Maraming salamat!

Christine G.

an incredibly powerful potion. Message me @embodiedsovereignty if you would like to ask specifics.

This photo already is a testament to your own power and the power of the lands you stand on! Would love to know specifics! Thank you for sharing this message and for choosing the magic & medicine of Herbalaria. Maraming salamat!


Exactly what I ordered and sent and arrived safely with lightning speed- just in time for the full moon. Salamat po. May our ancestors wisdom rise and live in our being and healing.