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Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana) is a rare and seasonal fruit whose origins are believed to be traced back to ancient Malaya, and commonly found on the Philippine islands of Mindanao and Sulu.  The deep purple to magenta colored rind is well-known for its high concentration of antioxidants.  The mangosteen in our body polish is sourced from an organic certified and fair trade farm in Midsayap, Philippines.

Mangosteen Passion Energy Healing Body Polish is a reminder of the lush, abundant forests of exotic fruits that exist on the island archipelago.   With the scents of tropical passion and guava, coupled with healing and grounding energy, this magical concoction nourishes the body and spirit.

Use this polish is used for its anti-aging and skin brightening properties. 

8 fl. oz.

For external use only.

Customer Reviews

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Annea U.

Let’s talk about how lovely and nourishing for the skin this body polish is. Marilang is my favorite body polish but I had to try mangosteen! It’s also my favorite now! I used it on my pregnant belly and it’s been a grounding experience with such an amazing aroma. It calms me and the amount of moisturizing is perfect and lasting after your bathing. Every day I used it I noticed I didn’t have an itchy belly, so grateful! I could care less if I get stretch marks but this absolutely helps for that too. Now that baby is born, I don’t see any stretch marks. Salamat po herbalaria. Support people you love! Photo of my belly rocking the mangosteen polish <3

Simone R.

This is the best scrub I have ever used! It smells amaaaazing!!! It is not super scratchy like other scrubs, and it rubs into my skin easily. It also left my skin very soft. Would definitely get this again!

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Mangosteen Passion Body Polish! It is definitely one of my faves and it smells absolutely yummy! Winter is coming and this definitely supports dry skin, while still feeling like you never left the islands. :) Maraming salamat!

Jennifer R.

This is hands down my favorite product from Herbalaria. It smells and feels delicious. I promise you’ll feel the same way after including this into your bath ritual.

This product serves multiple purposes: exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes. I also love that it’s made of natural, good quality ingredients. And it’s made with lots of love and intention.

A little goes a long way... so definitely try this out because it’s good stuff! I highly recommend this product — you’ll thank me for this one.

Aimee G.

I absolutely love this scrub. I love the smell of fresh Mangosteen. This is scrub is exfoliating and hydrating at the same time. It keeps my skin glowing. I love that after I rinse off the scrub, my skin is super soft and I don’t need to apply any lotion. I highly recommend this product.