Bangka Journey to the Ancestral Realm

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Have you ever wondered the identity of your ancestors or held a desire to forge a connection with those who have traversed into the beyond?

Are you in pursuit of a profound understanding of ancestral healing, yearning to delve into its deeper significance?

Do you have questions that only your ancestors can unravel?

If so, "Bangka Journey to the Ancestral Realm" is the answer.

Embark on a transformative odyssey to the lower realm of ancestors, accompanied by fellow journeymates, guided by the shamanic expertise of Katuuran Lyn Pacificar.  At its essence, shamanism embodies a holistic approach to spirituality, recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings across various dimensions of time.  It is a sacred journey into the heart of nature, where the shaman, acting as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual realms, seeks to restore balance, harmony, and healing.

Katuuran Lyn Pacificar, with her rich tapestry of over 30 years in shamanic practice and traditional healing, brings a depth of experience to this powerful journey in virtual space.  In the realm of shamanism, the journey is not just a physical exploration but a metaphysical quest that taps into the unseen energies, allowing participants to transcend the boundaries of the ordinary and commune with the extraordinary.  For more information about Katuuran Lyn and her extensive experience, click here.

The objectives of this sacred space and time are:

  • Travel to the Ancestral Realm with protective guidance
  • Encounter Ancestral guides
  • Receive wisdom and answers from healed ancestors

We will achieve these objectives through:

  • Spirit journeying via drumming and guided meditation
  • Expressing through journaling, sketching in designated books (or any accessible medium), and crafting shamanic tools
  • Engaging with the four directions, elements, and the spirits of animals and plants

If your spirit resonates with the call for profound transformation and healing, this container is made for you.

Mark your calendars for two virtual Zoom sessions:

  1.  Friday, January 26, 2024: Check-in.
  2.  Saturday, February 17, 2024: Day of Journey.

**To participate, strict adherence to attendance, following protocols and instructions are paramount.**

Although virtual, this session's potency demands thorough preparation beforehand.
Protocols include a 48-hour silent retreat, fasting, cleansing, and abstention from specific activities and social media.  Please verify the feasibility of these dates and protocols before registering, as refunds will not be issued.  Be certain that you can commit to this journey.

IMPORTANT! It's crucial to note that the journey will NOT be recorded, and attendance is mandatory. Missing the initial check-in session forfeits your opportunity to journey with us, as the container opens on Friday and will envelop you until its release on the day of the journey.

Upon registration, please include the best EMAIL address where you will be sent the formal list of protocols and requirements for the journey.

***To join this event, your EMAIL is needed. If you happen to forget to enter it during checkout, simply reach out to with your details.

Embark on this sacred Bangka Journey to the Ancestral Realm for a voyage that promises profound metamorphosis, where the ancient wisdom of shamanism will guide your spirit toward deep healing, reconnection with ancestral threads, and a profound evolution of self.

Maraming salamat and we look forward to traveling with you on the bangka journey to the Ancestral realm. 


AFTER JAN. 6, 2024 FEE: $125



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