Island Buko

Island Buko

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The coconut (Cocos Nucifera) is sacred and life-giving in many cultures.  Every part of the coconut palm tree is used, from the medicinal roots and leaves to the flowers, where nectar is collected to make “lambanog,” a traditional Filipino coconut liqueur.  

Buko is a young, green, freshly harvested coconut fruit.  Our Island Buko Energy Healing Body Polish is a tribute to the curative and restorative properties of this extensively versatile gift from the island gods.  Made with organic virgin Philippine coconut oil, coconut nectar sugar, and healing energy, this deeply moisturizing and hydrating mixture is a welcome addition to one’s self-care ritual.

For external use only.

*We recommend following up with Unscented Guava Leaf Skin Elixir for extra healing and moisturization.