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Kamangyan is a resin obtained from almaciga (Agathis dammara/syn. Agathis philippinensis), an endemic conifer tree.  Similar to black copal, it has many medicinal and spiritual uses.  Kamangyan is used for energy clearing, banishing negative entities, post-partum suob rituals, and as offering smoke to the ancestors.  The benefits of burning kamangyan include:

  • Energetic protection
  • Exorcism aid in eliminating negative entities
  • Balance
  • Clarity
  • Uplift energy
  • Open psychic vision and pathways for journeying
  • Release hexes

Our Kamangyan is sourced directly from native trees that are harvested from by local practitioners on the island of Panay, Philippines.  It is 100% natural, unprocessed, and may contain debris and other organic matter.  

The product's total weight is 15 grams.

Origin: Panay, Philippines

*NOTE: Resins are a natural product, size, color, and shapes will vary. 

*Currently OUT OF STOCK (Restocking in September 2024)

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Quality. Smells great !

Rochelle S.

I am grateful that Herbalaria makes these kinds of authentically and ethically sourced products available to those of us in the diaspora.

Grateful for you believing and supporting our company. We are here to serve you with only the BEST. Agyamanak!