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Ulo (oo-lo) - “head” 

Ulo Oil is an effectively moisturizing hair and skin oil that blends together the health benefits of active botanicals such as guava leaves, moringa, hibiscus, lemon balm, ginger, and other therapeutic essential oils and emollients. 

Use it to help calm redness and inflammation, promote hair health, and maintain skin’s suppleness.  Although named Ulo, it is a multi-purpose elixir that can be used anywhere on the body in need of all-day hydration. May be used as a beard oil and cuticle oil.  Great for all skin types. 

We recommend to use this at night before going to bed to help skin repair, heal and hydrate while you sleep. 

1 fl. oz. 

*For external use only.

Customer Reviews

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Jalyn O.

I love using this oil to combat my frizzy hair. While some oils can make my hair feel too oily in order to reduce frizz, this one just moisturizes it perfectly.

We are so happy that you love it and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with Ulo Oil. Salamat!

Pia S.

I seriously love the Ulo oil. I've always been prone to dandruff and lately it seems the dandruff has been non-existent when I rub this on my scalp.

I also use this on my face. The aroma of this oil is divine & lifts you up. I also put this below my eyes to remove wrinkles. Maybe I'm just crazy, but it works! Lots of people can believe my age. It is an amazing product!🌿💛🌿

Amazing! Salamat for sharing your awesome experiences with Ulo Oil. It is one of the first products Herbalaria made inspired by our community's needs for everything you mentioned. In our culture, we like things that work for more than one purpose. Glad to know that the Ulo Oil is continuing its purpose in your life.

meredith h.

the smell, the consistency, the medicine is magical and healing!