Bayabas Guava Leaf Oil Benefits and Uses

Bayabas Guava Leaf Oil Benefits and Uses

Guava leaves, scientifically known as Psidium guajava, have been recognized by our ancestors as a medicinal source for mind, body, and spirit.  Long before westernized medicine and scientific testing, nature was our sole provider for healing.

The Bayabas Guava Leaf Skin Oil encapsulates ancient wisdom woven into our very DNA, presenting a holistic approach to harmonizing both body and mind. This ancestral knowledge, steeped in mysticism, has been lovingly passed down through generations.  In Filipino culture, the guava, or bayabas, holds a significant place in traditional remedies, finding its way into teas and tisanes.  Renowned for its ability to soothe the digestive system, regulate blood sugar, and address circulatory ailments, guava has long been cherished for its therapeutic properties.

In its oil form, this potent elixir is readily absorbed by the skin, offering a powerful remedy for dermatitis and various skin conditions.  It works wonders in calming scalp irritation, alleviating acne, and maintaining skin's suppleness and smoothness.

Each bottle of Bayabas Guava Leaf Skin Oil is a testament to nature's bounty, containing organically grown baby guava leaves meticulously hand-harvested during the spring season, immediately following the rains.  Due to its seasonal nature, this unique blend of plant medicine is produced in limited quantities, ensuring its purity and potency.


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