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Pure Kind Love Co. is a subsidiary company founded by Soraya, daughter of Lyn and Gilbert Pacificar, founders of Herbalaria LLC.  Soraya was a participant in her high school business program, NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship), an international non-profit organization providing entrepreneurship training and education programs to young people from low-income urban communities.  Inspired by her parents, she followed their footsteps to set the foundation of Pure Kind Love Co.



Pure Kind Love Co. creates designer oils using crystals, flowers, herbs, essential oils, reiki healing energy and positive intentions.


Currently, we offer customizable oils for every occasion.  They make a statement of elegance and beauty. We work closely with clients, making sure they are part of the creation process.



Soraya is the visionary behind each concept, with her mother, Lyn, who is a Reiki Master and supervisor in the manifestation of each unique and sophisticated bottle of inspiration and magic.

She plans on expanding to different self-care products in the future.

For personal consultations and customizations, please contact us by entering your information below. 

*For weddings and other special occasions, we require three months in advance prior to the event.