Guava Leaf Skin Elixir (Unscented)

Guava Leaf Skin Elixir (Unscented)

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Guava Leaves (Psidium Guajava) contain the components our ancestors have long known to be medicinal for our mind, body and spirit. Thousands of years before the advent of scientific testing and westernized medicine, nature was the only pharmacy we needed to seek in order to heal ourselves.  


Contained in this bottle, is ancient wisdom-- written in our DNA to be the balancing energy to what ails us.  The Guava Leaf Skin Elixir is ancestral knowledge and mysticism handed down from generation to generation. Also known as “bayabas” in the Filipino culture, guava leaves have been used in teas and tisanes to soothe the digestive system, to lower blood sugar along with other circulatory diseases.  Additionally, this botanical wonder is recognized for use on dermatitis, psoriasis, as an afterbirth ablution, and as scalp wash for stimulating hair growth. Anoint yourself with bayabas healing energy, in an emollient infusion of jojoba and moringa seed oils. Guava Leaf Skin Elixir may be used at any time in your daily skin and self-care rituals.


Each beautiful creation contains organically-grown, baby guava leaves that were hand-harvested only during spring, immediately after the rains.  Because of its seasonality, this unique blend of plant medicine is limited in production.

Guava Leaf Skin Elixir Unscented

For external use only.

2 fl. oz.