How to Smudge with Herbalaria Guava Leaves and Bundles

How to Smudge with Herbalaria Guava Leaves and Bundles

In 2015, I began publicly sharing the knowledge of our long lost medicine, the guava leaves--a healing plant most elders remember using back home in the Philippines.  I always use them in my rituals and healing sessions to clear energy.  

Our Ancestors would boil guava leaves into tea as a postpartum wash for the new mother, as a calming drink for belly aches, a soothing tisane for irritated skin, an antiseptic after circumcision, and so much more.  Albularyos would also burn the leaves as a way of smudging and spiritually cleansing the person. Smudging would get rid of attachments, negative entities, and illnesses.

The message of Ancestors is accessed at the roots of the Herbalaria guava tree. Mama Guava.  They grow deep into compost-enriched soil, guarded by the elder guardian fruit tree, Grandmother Orange.  

Leaves are then gathered and hand-picked in ritual, with ultimate reverence for the Ancestral medicine.  Once the spirits of our land have given their blessing to package them, we make them available to the Herbalaria Tribe.

Here’s how you can smudge yourself with Herbalaria guava leaves:

Option 1:

  • Select one guava leaf from the packaging, burn at the tip and allow smoke to waft over you.  Be sure to have a heat-resistant dish nearby to catch any falling embers. 

Option 2:

  • Select 2 or 3 guava leaves from the packaging and place leaves in an earthenware pot on a heat-resistant surface.  Begin burning one leaf and add another. If the flame grows too big, blow out until smoke wafts. Stand or squat above the pot and let the smoke bathe over your body, allowing the cleansing properties to work through your aura.

Option 3:

Smudge bundles work to help clear unwanted, lower vibration energies.  This synergistic combination of guava leaves, lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary all help to cleanse, restore, and uplift you and your environment. 

 All the plants were collected in ritual, homegrown, and wrapped with intention.

These must be fully dried, either by hanging upside down or waiting until it is dried out completely. 

Burn at the tip, and waft where necessary.  Maintain caution for any falling embers.  Place on heat-resistant dish or container.

Benefits of Each Plant:

Guava Leaf ("Bayabas")- Sacred Filipino plant medicine used to cleanse the spirit of attachments, illnesses, and negativity.  It promotes grounding and connection to Ancestral wisdom.

Lavender- Promotes relaxation, love, and peace.

Lemongrass ("Tanglad")- Powerful spiritual cleanser and also a part of traditional Filipino clearing rituals of negative entities and energies.

Rosemary- Traditionally burned for protection, exorcism, healing, purification.  Gets rid of negativity.


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