How to Connect with Your Inner Ancestor

How to Connect with Your Inner Ancestor

I've been asked many times, "How do you connect to ancestors?" 

My response: "You need to be quiet, and listen."

Connecting with your inner ancestor means opening up the lines of communication to really understand, process, and benefit from the wisdom of ancestors already written into your DNA.  You are here, present in this realm, because your ancient ones gathered knowledge of survival, success, failures, victories, and lived in times of war and peace.  You are able to access their wisdom and glean from the generations of experience, across all dimensions of time, the necessary medicine you need now and the guidance to move forward on your journey.


Perform the following ritual to help you along your process of discovering, connecting, and healing your inner ancestor:


Connecting with Your Inner Ancestor Ritual

 Materials needed:

Find a quiet sacred space to create.  This is best done in your home for consistency.  If you prefer outdoors or elsewhere, please be sure that this is a place you can return to in the future.  This is important as you continue to develop your relationship with your inner ancestor, though ancestors may be accessed from anywhere.



  • Place all objects before you and light the candle to begin the ritual.  Sit quietly to gather your energy and center yourself. 
  • Inhale eight deep long breaths, and exhale slowly through the mouth.
  • Begin to feel one with the earth below.  Focus on the candle before you and see the flame as your light.  Take the guava leaf and burn the tip until it begins to smolder and waft its smoke over you.  Make sure the guava leaf is placed safely onto a heat-resistant dish. Continue doing this until you feel ready to move on to the next step.
  • Obtain the anointing oil and place a few drops into your hand.  Place your other hand over the drops of oil and intend for connection to your inner ancestor and for clarity.  Anoint yourself in this order and be sure you have enough oil to make it around your body: Crown chakra, third eye chakra, behind both ears, nape of the neck, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, root chakra (lower back just above your tailbone), wrists and palms.  If you feel called to anoint other parts, please do so.


Speak aloud:

  • I call upon Highest Source to help me connect to my Higher Self and to my Inner Ancestor.  I call upon Mother Earth and the Native Spirits of this land for support and permission to do this work.  May this space be a container of safety, protected by all my ancestors before me and all the angelic beings of light to guide me on my journey to wholeness and wellness.
  • Continue gazing upon the candle and visualizing the flame entering your body to burn away any obstacles, doubts, fears, pain, and traumas that you are willing to release.  Be sure to breathe out forcefully towards the sky what you are clearing out, and trust that you are in a safe and nurturing Universe to do this work. Of course, always do what feels comfortable and right for you. 
  • When you feel the flame has done its work, imagine the flame returning to the candle.  Take a few moments to feel present. Now bring attention to your crown chakra and feel the light of Highest Source entering to fill your being with light in all the areas that were just cleansed.  Let this light infiltrate every part of you. 
  • Inhale four deep long breaths, and exhale slowly through the mouth. 
  • Sit quietly and begin to hear the thoughts within you that are messages from your inner ancestor.  As the thoughts start to flow, get your notebook or sketchpad and begin writing or drawing them down.  Take as much time as you need in this sacred space. When you are done, gently place the book down and center yourself again in the present. 
  • Inhale two deep long breaths, and exhale slowly through the mouth. 
  • Give thanks to your higher self and inner ancestor for the guidance to clear and heal yourself.  You now have the messages needed at this time to move forward.
  • Burn guava leaf once to offer smoke in prayer and gratitude to the ancestors for their support.

Speak aloud:

  • I give thanks to Highest Source in helping me to connect to my higher self and inner ancestor.  I give thanks to Mother Earth, the Native Spirits of this land, all the ancestors, angelic beings and helpful spirits of light for maintaining the safety of this container of ceremony.  Thank you for your guidance on my journey to wholeness and wellness, for the greater good of all. I release you all and this container of sacred time and space now. And so it is.
  • Inhale one deep long breath, and slowly blow out the candle.

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