Katuuran Lyn Pacificar

Lyn Pacificar has over 30 years’ experience as a Filipina Albularyo, a traditional folk herbalist and spiritual healer who uses a combination of modalities including prayers, rituals, diagnostic readings, and ancestral communication to achieve a certain goal for the recipient.  She comes from a long line of healers, and is under the guidance and tutelage of Katuuran Apong Mansanat, along with her other ancestral and angelic spirit counsel.

Like her ancestor, Lyn is a Katuuran, a spiritual medium, counselor, and ritualist who serves as the mouthpiece of the Ancestors to help people access their own medicine and powers of self-healing. She is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice and a Certified Reiki Master of Usui Holy Fire Reiki Lineage. 

*A katuuran is a Visayan priestess or shaman who employs rituals and magic to achieve a result i.e. healing.

*Member of The Society for Shamanic Practice

*Certified reader and member of The Psychic Housewives

*Certified Reiki Master of Usui Holy Fire Reiki Lineage

Reiki -


Because we are currently social distancing, we are now offering services ONLINE.  


  • Ancestral Healing Journey and Ritual - Performed at Lyn's discretion plus ALL PROTOCOLS and PREPARATION must be met in advance. This is an extensive ritual and is not to be taken lightly.  These rituals are held at the Herbalaria Home. (CURRENTLY NOT OFFERED until a later time due to the current pandemic.) $800
  • Distance Healings - Reiki and crystal grids may be incorporated at the client's request.  Crystal grid containers will remain active for 7 days or longer, if need be, after which they will be released. $100
  • House Cleansings - Available only within a 30-mile radius.  Anything further will be assessed per mile. (Can be done virtually and energetically. In-house physical presence CURRENTLY NOT OFFERED until a later time due to the current pandemic.) $250
  • Shamanic Spiritual Consultation and Coaching - 1.5 hour monthly check-ins with divination and Ancestral Guidance. $200
  • Customized Plant Medicine or Intention Potions Consultation - $50-$100, depending on formulation. (Fee does not include shipping and handling.)
  • Readings/Spiritual Consultation Only - 30 minutes. $80
  • Virtual Shamanic Art Therapy Session - 1.5 hour session. $150

Corporate or Small Business

  • Shamanic Energetic Clearings
  • Shamanic Advisement Readings
  • Virtual Shamanic Art Therapy Session 


    • Pricing/Energy Exchange is as indicated, depending on the service, and delivery of services depend on availability.  
    • If, for any reason or extenuating circumstance, you cannot make the appointment and need to re-schedule, you need to notify Lyn within 24-hours of the scheduled appointment time.  
    • Payments are accepted before the session.
    • All readings/services are FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. (This must be said for legal reasons.) You must be 18 YEARS OR OLDER to use these services. All guidance/coaching/advice is subject to your own interpretation. By purchasing a spiritual consultation/reading/ritual/potion/oil, you are agreeing that any information/guidance provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice. You claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of the services rendered.
    For inquiries and for making appointments, please contact Lyn Pacificar via email: or DM on Instagram @iamherbalaria.