Bayabas (Guava Leaves)

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Guava leaves have an extensive history in many folk medicine applications, not only in the Philippines, but around the world. 

These organically grown leaves were hand-picked, cleaned, dried, and shamanically blessed on our own land.  They come from a very special tree with an Ancestral story that separates it from all others.  

Guava leaves are used as a spiritual smudging tool.  Burning guava leaves is an ancient Filipino practice that is used to cleanse negative energies from the environment, just as white sage is used by Native Americans in cleansing and sending up prayers.  It is highly recommended to burn guava leaves in a heat-resistant bowl, as they burn hot and fast.  Use with caution.





Customer Reviews

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Sharmil E.

I bought these both for the energy cleansing properties and for tea, and in both cases they were excellent. The sweet tang of the leaves' smoke left me feeling grounded and open, while the flavor of the tea soothed my system overall. I only wish there were more leaves in the packet so that I did not run out so quickly!

Melissa B.

Since getting my first order of guava leaves from Lyn this year, I’ve been smudging everyday with them. These guava leaves have been a huge part of my healing journey - and now they are a part of my family’s healing journey as well!

I sent my last order of guava leaves to my moms since I was in the middle of moving. When I went to pick them up, she started telling me all these stories about how she used them in the Philippines, how my Lola used to heal their wounds with the leaves, and how my midwife Tita’s used them on new mothers as well. It felt like something lit up inside of her, she was so excited to share these stories with me! There’s something in her that is definitely remembering. And she never would have shared these stories with me if I didn't have the package sent to her house! I really think that was all so beautifully and divinely timed. So thank you Lyn and Mama Guava for bringing intergenerational healing to my family through this medicine <3

April M.

The Bayaba leaves are a staple in my practice. Through them I continue to rekindle my connection with my ancestors/guides. The leaves are very helpful to clear dense energies bringing me back to my center by smudging. My heart and soul are elated that I have the privilege of being connected with Lyn and her medicine.

Guen S.

I have these leaves on my altar, ready to sage, and clear my aura, and space. I have started l to use it as a beginning of the week ritual, to set my intentions for the week. I'll also use it when I am called to ground myself and re-center. I feel good knowing that it came from Lyn and it was prepared ritually and sacredly, and I trust her.

Claire V.

I love my Guava leaves and am so happy to be supporting a FilAm small biz <3