2017 Full Spectrum Moldavite Solstice Oil

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Moldavite Solstice Oil is a manifestation potion created once a year, in ceremony, at the time of Summer Solstice and ends in September on the Harvest full moon.  The elixir is infused with the powerful essences of Moldavite, various crystal essences with specific intentions, sacred white sage, and reiki energy. 

This oil is intended to:

  • Transform self, life situations, relationships
  • Bring about completions and new beginnings
  • Assist in removing or illuminating what no longer serves you
  • Get you back on track to your true path
  • Bring lots of positive energy and prosperity
  • Clear and center the chakras
  • Create synchronicities that bring about manifestation of your dreams and desires
  • Astral traveling 
  • Folding time

The 2017 batch is referred to as a “Full Spectrum Moldavite Solstice Oil.” Ceremony began at the dawn of Summer Solstice when the moon was in nurturing Cancer.  It also contains crystal essences that address all seven chakra centers and their associations.  Now, it is infused with the powerful transformational energy of sacred Mount Shasta.  With the next ceremony to be held on the total solar eclipse on August 21st, the intense ecliptic energies will continue to intensify the potency of this oil for great transformational change, TONS of positive energy, and wonderful universal surprises.  Concluding ceremony will be on the Harvest Full Moon in the deep emotional waters of Pisces on September 6th.  


Place a few drops into your hand and speak out your intentions.  Release these intentions into the Universe and begin anointing yourself with the oil.  Locations of anointing: Crown chakra (top of head), third eye chakra (on forehead right above brow bone), behind both ears, nape of your neck (back of your neck at base of the skull), throat chakra, heart chakra (chest area), solar plexus chakra (abdominal area), sacral chakra (below your navel), root chakra (lower back at base of spine), wrists, and finally your palms.

Use this oil to anoint yourself before meditation, going to work, or for specific prayer intentions.  It may also be used to anoint objects like crystals, candles, copies of applications that you want to see approved, and so on.  Of course, you must co-create with the Universe and put effort into seeing an intention through.  If what you intend is not for the highest good of yourself and others, it may not materialize to your expectations.  Individual results will vary. 

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