2018 Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil

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For Financial Healing and Prosperity

  • Transform self, life situations, relationships
  • Bring about completions and new beginnings
  • Assist in removing or illuminating what no longer serves you
  • Get you back on track to your true path
  • Bring lots of positive energy, prosperity, and financial wealth
  • Invite clarity & inner peace
  • Ancestral healing
  • Financial healing
  • Clear, activate, & center chakras
  • Create synchronicities that bring about manifestation of your dreams and desires
  • Astral traveling 
  • Folding time
  • Raising consciousness
  • Release fear & anxiety
  • Fertility & passion
  • Protection against psychic attacks


Moldavite Solstice Oil is a manifestation potion created once a year, in ceremony, at the time of Summer Solstice.  The elixir is infused with the powerful essences of Moldavite, various crystal essences with specific intentions, Ancestral medicine of guava leaves, ritual and reiki energy.  Moldavite amplifies the metaphysical properties of the other stones and crystals namely Citrine, Aventurine, Lemurian quartz, Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, and Carnelian.

This year’s batch is especially potent, as every bottle will include the Master Healer crystal, double terminated Tibetan quartz (a rare crystal), and a piece of guava leaf used in ceremony.

Year 2018 Moldavite Solstice Oil ceremony began at the dawn of Summer Solstice when the moon and sun were in Cancer on June 21st at 3:00 am PST.  Ceremony ended and container of ritual released on the Corn Moon in Pisces on August 26.


Ingredients: Love, Ancestral Ritual, Grapeseed Oil, Guava Leaves (Psidium Guajava)*, White Sage (Salvia Apiana)*

Crystal Essences of: Moldavite, Citrine, Lemurian Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye Quartz.

*All plants are organically, ceremoniously grown and harvested from our own land.  


How to Use:

Place a few drops into your hand and speak out your intentions. Release these intentions into the Universe and begin anointing yourself with the oil.  Locations of anointing: Crown chakra (top of head), third eye chakra (on forehead right above brow bone), behind both ears, nape of your neck (back of your neck at base of the skull), throat chakra, heart chakra (chest area), solar plexus chakra (abdominal area), sacral chakra (below your navel), root chakra (lower back at base of spine), wrists, and finally your palms.  You may also anoint your feet and anywhere else you feel called to bring attention to.

Use this oil to anoint yourself before meditation, going to work, or for specific prayer intentions.  It may also be used to anoint objects like crystals, candles, copies of applications that you want to see approved, and so on.  Of course, you must co-create with the Universe and put effort into seeing an intention through.  If what you intend is not for the highest good of yourself and others, it may not materialize to your expectations.  Individual results will vary. 

*We recommend Love Potion No. 10 in addition to using the Moldavite Solstice Oil.  Adding Love Potion No. 10 will give an extra shift in energy to positive outcomes with self and with smooth out any results that come about regarding your intentions.  Sometimes using the Moldavite Solstice Oil might be too intense for the user in how they experience these results.  Love Potion No. 10 will help the user feel more comfortable with changes and transitions.

Limited quantities. Available while supplies last.

0.5 FL. OZ. (15 ML)


For external use only.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Guenevere A.

Herbalaria's anointing oils are a must for ritual. I use it for manifesting, meditating, and channeling.

Tiffany P.

Met the Pacificar family at FPAC 2023, where I hung around the Herbalaria tent for an HOUR just learning from the community. Soraya wonderfully guided me through the oils & bundles they provided, which led me to the Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil 2018.

Since then, I've meditated with this oil twice a day, following the clear instructions attached to the vial. The intention, love, & protection are evident with their products & offerings! A month later, I did a spiritual consultation with Lyn- a revelation that came up during our call affirmed that the meditations I have been practicing with this oil have been coming full circle. Pure love, respect, & support for the Pacificar family & Herbalaria!

Katherine Hazel L.

Received the Moldavite Solstice Manifestation Oil 2018 a few days ago and I'm so glad that I did. Originally was planning on getting the 2019 version, but ironically it's sold out. I'm currently pregnant and was looking for something that not only supported my personal goals, but also my pregnancy. I looked at the description of uses and it just so happens it helps support fertility as well. (Obviously the fertility isn't an issue for me heh, but it's nice to have something that supports all aspects of womenhood!) I'd like to think it's divine timing. Anyway it's been a few days since using it and I can feel the immediate difference in my mindset, in my healing, spiritual journey, in everything really. Prior to receiving this oil, my aura felt low and I am pretty sure I was experiencing some psychic attacks. But once I started using this oil, I feel better and protected. Like another review stated, you feel this "zing" when using it. I feel charged and uplifted and ready to conquer the world with it. If you're particularly sensitive like I am, using this oil can be a bit intense at first. If you know anything about Moldavite, it's not for the faint of heart and can bring some powerful changes to your life. It's recommended to combine with the Love Potion No. 10 oil to soften the effects, which I did. Open your heart and mind to what this oil can bring you and you'll definitely see amazing things come your way!

Annea U.

If you are ready to approach your finances with love and respect, like you would a cherished family member or friend who is seeking healing, this is an powerful support. Remember, you must meet the universe with willingness to put in the work. It could be processing of more than funds, you’re not all the sudden going to be handed riches, but the abundance is very real when you are ready for any of herbalaria intentional oils. I use this oil in ceremony on my body, at my altar space, and when setting important intentions and prayers. Also, the double terminated Tibetan quartz that is included is wonderful!

Lisa G.

I am not typically good at writing reviews but I had to share my experience with the 2018 Moldivite Oil and Lyn.

Lyn is an amazing spiritual guide. Working with her Moldivite oils (2018 and 2019) has raised my spiritual energy - every time I use them; I get this zippy, zingy sensation! It is great while working on my spirit work; to focus, setting intentions, manifesting work, healing. I have been using 2018 for my personal healing work and ancestral connections. Using this in my spiritual practice has opened my mind and soul to another level of understanding. This oil is the perfect companion to my work.

Thank you Lyn